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MVS is one of the West's leading Building Contractors.

We have a proven track record in delivering a exceptionally high standard product on programme in a non contentious manner.

MVS have completed projects across all sectors such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Leisure.

With our professional approach, determination and reliability in exceeding our clients’ expectations, MVS has earned a strong reputation for client satisfaction.

Who are we ?

Who-are-we ?

MVS has been in business in the Construction Sector for the past 29 years... 

MVS has been in business in the Construction Sector for the past 29 years and is one of the largest specialist building contractors in Mayo. MVS has extensive experience across all sectors of Construction.

We have built our reputation by adopting a highly professional approach, with a focus on safety and quality. We build strong working relationships with our clients by adopting a team approach to our projects which promote value engineering as opposed to the “claims conscious” attitude which is currently the industry norm.

Latest Project


Roscommon Endoscopy Unit

The project consisted of a new two storey extension at Roscommon County Hospital...

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